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Half the fun of craft beer culture is trying new things just to see how they taste. We speak with experts about how to get the most out of every pint.



Nov 2, 2017

This week, Doug and Tony talk about using wild yeast to homebrew, the pros and cons and the differences in malts. They also cover how canning is helping business big and small and some of Maryland's legal problems with beer legislation. Also, gentle reminder, Saturday is Learn to Brew Day.

Maryland craft beer lacks a top-down approach

The most interesting news that came out of the recent Reform on Tap meeting was that the failure of the legislature might be an executive failure as well. Earlier this year, the Maryland Legislature passed a bill that would have all-but-killed the craft beer industry in the state.

How Much Does Malt Matter in Your Beer?

In the last year, we've made impressive leaps in terms of malt in beer. We found a standard method for extracting malt flavor. We designed the Base Malt Flavor Map, which creates a common language everyone along the supply chain, from growers to maltsters to brewers can use.

Flying Dog puts expansion plans on hold, cites state's regulatory practices

You never really know what the old-timey State of Maryland is going to do next. That seems to be the philosophy of Baltimore's Flying Dog Brewing Co. 's Chief Executive Jim Carus, who is trepidatious at best about the future of Maryland's brewing laws.