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Half the fun of craft beer culture is trying new things just to see how they taste. We speak with experts about how to get the most out of every pint.



Jan 9, 2020

Beer writer and educator David Nilsen talks about some of the best craft beer spots in the Dayton area with the caveat that, just like at the Oscars, some are bound to slip his mind. You can find David's social accounts as well as his work here
About the Guest:
David Nilsen is a beer writer and educator living near Dayton, Ohio. He is a Certified Cicerone and a member of the North American Guild of Beer Writers and the National Book Critics Circle. His beer writing appears in, Beer Advocate, Craft Beer & Brewing, Pellicle, and numerous other publications, and he leads educational tastings, pairings, and classes at breweries, restaurants, and other institutions. He lives with his wife, daughter, and very irritable cat.